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Daur ulang plastik (plastic recycling)

Plastic recycling requires cooperation management to ensure utilization and pricing of recycled plastic between father company and production center. This idea purposes to stimulate entrepreneur to ensure their capital pay back time and sustainability of this activities. Recycled plastic is prepared through crushing and grinding step after stratifying of raw materials.

Fig. Plastic crushing
(Courtesy of TokoMesin, 2012)

The plastic material code indicates material type of plastic product. It is visible as number code in triangle on the bottom side of product such as bottle, container, etc.
Number 1 : PET, polyethylene terephthalate
Number 2 : HDPE, high density polyethylene
Number 3 : PVC, polyvinyl chloride
Number 4 : LDPE, low density polyethylene
Number 5 : PP, poly propylene
Number 6 : PS, poly styrene
Number 7 : Others

Biodegradable municipal waste consists of organic waste 73%, paper 9%, plastic 9%, and others. For instance, the Paris van Java area is occupied by 2.5 millions people. This area releases municipal waste 1250 tons waste per day. It means we can save plastic 112.5 tons per day. In 2009 lack of polypropylene reached 250 thousands tons of total consumption around 800 thousand tons.

The plastic recycling requires storage and production area 400 – 1000 square meters. Machinery provider and pioneer company offer their assistance to somebody who interests to recycle plastic product. They provide machinery and training assistance for technician to operate the machine.

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